Binaural Beat Brainwave Audio Technology Order Form

Name Item # Quantity Price US
Lucid Dreamer (Short Play CD) #SPLDMCD1.01   $26.00
Creativity/Learning (Short Play CD)
Relaxation/Learning (Short Play CD)
Sleeper (Short Play)
Awake & Alert Learning Creativity     0
Lucid Dreamer Brain Tech (CD-ROM)  #LDCD1.02    $26.00
Assorted Programs Brain Tech (CD-ROM) #APCD1.01    $26.00
Delta Sleeper  (CD-ROM) #DSCD1.0   $26.00
Delta Pi & Phi (CD-ROM) #DPCD1.0   $26.00
Complete Catalog (DVD) .wav not compressed #USBCC1.0 $45.00
Complete Catalog (USB).wav not compressed #DVDCC1.0   $45.00
Golden Trio #GOLDTRIO   $26.00
International Orders Shipping $10.00  (US shipping is included) shipping   $10.00
    Total :  
Ship To Address: 



Make Check or Money Order Payable to: Intelegen Inc.
Mail To : Intelegen Inc.  PO Box 351  Troy, MI 48099
  • Pricing listed includes shipping and handling charges for domestic US orders. International orders  add an additional $10.00 US for shipping.
  • International orders must send a draft/check drawn on a US Funds account your local bank will be able to provide one for you.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery in the US  and 3 weeks for International orders.

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