Brain wave entrainment  audio CDs and .wav files are based on  binaural beat frequency research. Use of this technology result in brain wave entrainment and can induce altered states of consciousness. It also has other tangible and intangible effects on the brain. Some have called it instant meditation. Unlike mind altering drugs which people use to achieve altered states, binaural beat brainwave entrainment technology is legal and non-toxic. Review The science behind audio based brain wave entrainment and see why this may become the mind altering pseudo drug of the future that can enhance the performance of the human brain. 

Lucid dreams , altered states, deep relaxation , euphoria, increased intuition, awareness, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning, psychic abilities, elimination of insomnia and the symptoms of stress, increased endorphin levels have been attributed to the use of binaural beat audio technology. A technology that permits the control of brainwave frequency patterns allowing the intentional inducement of altered states. research links

This new technology, is based on  binaural beat frequencies and their effect on the sub cortical auditory system of the brain.  After five minutes, the resonant entrainment effect has induced vast areas of the brain to resonate at the same frequency. The result is a dominant brain wave pattern at the desired frequency.

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Official PayPal Seale also apply binaural beat, and other special brainwave entrainment effects to commercial audio and music which provide a pronounced effect on auditory cognition and recall.

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